21 October 2010


 Skin to skin connection body to body concentration; so sweet the penetration;
Exquisitely responsive to a variety of textures and temperatures;
Your body reacts to his dazzling erection;
You close your eyes and fantasize as he pours drizzle warm honey and cold wine on your body;
As he caresses you with satin rough brushes, smooth rubbers, and soft tingling feathers;
With each touch your body increases as your nerve-endings weakens; you allow him to enjoy all your senses which causes you to explode with excitement and exhilarating orgasmic blisses;
Exulted by his zealous performance you utter with passion.. how much you adore the smell of the aroma around his genital;
He in return expresses to you that the strawberry taste of the lips of your vagina are as satiating as the zestfulness of a margarita with a cup of tequila;
Sweet sixty-nine- using your saliva you begin to lubricate his phallus; sucking licking, and rhythmically pumping it with each stroke of your orifice;
Paying special attention to your clitoris he initiates long tongue strokes from your vagina to the marginal sector that divides your assets;
Gently he continues- nuzzling your lips and sometimes piercing your insides with his tongue;
Feeling dominant you climbed on top of him, pinning him down, you began to take control;
Every breath taking stroke, the feeling has you sprung;
Facing away with your back towards him, you began to regulate the depths of his thrust;
As the performance increases your position changes; with your hips lifted and your assets connected to the lower part of his thighs; he enters you;
Supporting your hips with his hands he penetrates you;
Every motion; every movement stimulates the core of your walls and touches the surface of your G-Spot....oooohhhhhhh...he began to hit the spot;
Swollen and tender your vagina drips with liquefied slippery and glossy cream;
Your body begins to shake as your legs tremble.. weakly with every thrust that he makes;
All tensions has now been released from your anatomy;
Feeling appreciated, loved, and satisfied
You began to kiss his nipples and caress his skin gently;
While cuddling he tells you this is only the beginning;
Now its time for the romancing.

Written By: Ricky Omar Mitchell


Copyright 2010

17 October 2010


Bless those who are still breathing;
As you see your vision through black crimes while brothers in packs crying;
It seems like everybody is dying;
Too drugged up to ask why, the explanation of genocide is when we exterminate our own kind;
Watching our down falls; witnessing the end;
It’s like we don’t even believe in God because we living in sins;
Nobody mourns no more;
Not even the dead receive the comfort of any grievers, for sure;
Is it the miniature caskets with babies; victims of stray bullets; drug dealers’ gone crazy?
That makes our souls become savage like wild raccoons with rabies;
What is it that we all feel, as we look into our reflection in the mirror?
We cannot escape faith because it keeps getting nearer;
You cannot close your eyes because all you see is terror;
The hatred of a man in the mirror because of his image makes the pain turn realer;
Is this the manifestation of our reality that we bread as our own creator?
You started out as a beginner, entering the criminal minded mainstream you are now a sinner;
As you fall on your knees and beg for mercy not known whether or not you are worthy;
The weed and patron cannot comfort your pain;
Stressed with the thought of living just to die, where is the fame?
Tears fall like droplets of rain; still we search for frames;
Murder; Murder; look it’s Mr. Lucifer,
No it’s a picture of the devil while he shoots at you;
It’s all political as he tells you no need to get spiritual;
So you continue to be the product of his conniving rituals;


Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010


You are the source of love that governs life;
With you I am continually energized with the force of the unique verse which keeps my strife;
Every day I thank the lord for your attachment to me and your persistent beauty;
A romantic and breath taking connection, with your excellence I am in synch with my serenity;
Sometimes I can feel your pain… even when you are a thousand miles away;
I remember those days when loneliness stared you in your face as we lay;
Tears running down your cheeks from emotions that seemed so unclear and murky;
Relaxing your mind I remind you of the joyful days that await our future family;
Knowing that I have so much to show you; Baby allow me to fulfill your fantasy;
My dream lady I often find laughter in your comical, cheerful, charismatic social spheres;
Even when we fight and disagree only to agree I still find splendor in your every gestures and tantrums which shows that you care and the love is still there;
Thus as I wipe those liquefied pearls from your silky facial skin and bless you with kisses from my sugary lips;
So warm and tender you are so ecstatic in your emotional bliss;
You are the one who keeps me calm through the storms that I often fail to miss;
I will always need you in my arms to hold; as you are by my side while lighten thunders and roles;
We will forever flow as dust and dawn unfolds; and the wind beneath our angelic wings soars;
With so much compassion I know that you prefer my presence than Hollywood;
For you are the more than just the center of a single thought that could;
You are poetry; my loving soul-mate that will always glitter like gold;
Nothing can take me away from you;
For you are the one that takes away my sorrows when I am blue;
Whenever I am with you I feel so brand new
I love you boo;
Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010


For you I will hold on to the moon just to see your face in its bloom;
You and I will be forever; for better or worse we will soar the heavens together;
A fool I would be to find true love and let it go; it is you and I for which you already know;
Having shown that you love me unconditionally; through whatever you will stay by my side compassionately and devotedly;
You are the one I trust with all my secrets and all my inner beings;
No other will be able to take your place as being my loving queen;
Sacrifice my love; my life; for you to love, I will hold on tight;
No matter what comes my way, I will do whatever it takes to make things right;
Before you I was empty and hollow like a withering cave;
Falling into a state of distress which made me sad, I lost my brave;
But when you came along you lift me off the ground and took away my frown;
You rescued me from all the pain I felt before I met you;
Dried my eyes and made me smile again you helped me get through;
Now I feel like I am flying above the clouds;
So high as we rise with nothing to hold us down we glide above the crowds;
Baby you make me weak as you control my chemistry;
So weak in my knees that I feel as though I am hovering so vividly;
Every hour and day I love how you take my breath away;
So hypnotized by your touch when you hold me, your arms are like angelic wings clothing me as I pray;
So extraordinary and more than special when we are together I feel so complete;
My heart races for you as I am caught up in the love that is so neat;
So safe and secure I am, knowing that I am with you I feel so great;
Let us lay together forever in this loveseat, for you are my mate.


Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010

15 October 2010


Sprung from an introduction;
As he converse to you through seduction;
He sees you blushing, knowing you wanted something;
Come and get a taste of the Jamaican most wanted love potion;
Rum and Champagne plus erotic touching and fucking;
No intention of busing until you learn your lesson... straight loving;
 you begin to get so wet as you think of him; sex lubrication taunts your interest;
Every time you need it, you send him a text;
Filled with lots of jewels you are his nest;
As you both proceed to begin to undress;
Between your legs he feels how you are so blessed;
Circular motion with your tongue, sweet felatio; mixed with French kisses..Oooo, just say yes;
As he thinks about you, feeling your breast;
Curvaceous caress; your body starts to sweat;
Playing in your hair; massaging your flesh;
The room illuminates with candle lights; bed covered with a mesh;
Sensational aroma; intertwined bodies submerged in pulsated precipitated water;
He calls you mama; you call him papa;
Sexual pleasure... tonight he wishes for you to be his baby mother;
Yearning for you to be his property and him your owner;
Sparked by your tunnel of love; he becomes your lover.

Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010

09 October 2010


A woman so qualified to bring me joy;
I see you as the jewel of my Nile;
An African Queen... you are so incline to bring my child;
Knowing this I am sure that your fruit will never spoil;
When I wake up early in the morning and look in the mirror;
I see your reflection so bright and pure;
You make me feel like an invincible pharaoh... this I am sure;
It is funny how something so simple can make a person change;
When I am around you it is such a wonderful feeling, a feeling that is hard to rearrange;
You are the wind beneath my wings; you make the angels sing;
Sweet hymns of romantic and holistic rhythms of simplicity;
Touching my heart with motions of harmony;
Mesmerized by your loyalty and agility,
Sometimes I would stop to stare at you and pinch myself to see if life is true;
There was a time when I could not find a perfect love and a peace of mind;
I never thought that love would make me feel this way;
But with your passion each and every time I pray,
To carry me on my way or help me through my day;
You are the comfort to my soul, and the fraction of my whole;
With you I am complete; with you I have no regrets;
never will I forget how easy love begets
Easy to love/ hard to forget

Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010


Rumors of wars express the envious minds of those who despise;
Situated in their conrners contemplating on ways to bring you under in demise;
While whispering amongst themselves words of conspiracy, but yet they are so contrary;
They manufacture their spears by sharpening their tongues with malice intentions of treachery;
Seeing all their dirty ways are like disasters, crabs in a basket, they endeavor to capture your cosmic powers;
Heartless killers of motivations they scrutinize your wealth with bloodguilt eyes;
Waiting for you to fall so that they may devour your existence like carnivorous crows they spy;
So patriotic in their ways they are branded with the auras of menace;
Guilty of jealousy the devils eternal fire subdues their anatomy with no repentance;
No sadness... No apologetic madness;
What will become of your foes who are filled with vengeance of selfishness;
Tomorrow will not be the same day; make due while the sun shines its ray;
Yesterday has past and gone, as today is what we know as being our blessed way;
He who dwells on earthly possession shall surely lose his position;
Good will overcome while evil bows down to righteous sons;
David slew Goliath with a sling and a stone; while Samson conquered the phillistines with a donkey's jawbone;
As you aspire to exceed the stratosphere of the heavens;
In hope for a better tomorrow, with G-d's grace you will circumvent many heathens;
As a being of righteous bliss you were always told never to fear the bad minded;
Hold fast and think about the beauty of G-d's glory for which you are continually reminded;
PSALM 23, for instance, will continue to shield your earthly birth.

Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010


Pearls of joy, you must learn that this world is yours to take;
Although it is filled with shady people, understand that your passion will not break;
Remember that the color of your skin will never make you less of a lady;
The lessons that you will be blessed with will assist you in becoming more than just a baby;
No need to grade yourself because I will teach you better;
Life is not all about glitter, diamonds, and leather;
However, in time you will be furnished with all the best of its glamour;
Nonetheless, materialism will never govern your sanctified cosmic structure, because you will be forever greater;
Hold up your head, swallow your pride, and never allow the earthly obstacles to haunt you as the devil strives to taunt your glide;
Over stand that you will not fail with G-d's grace you will prevail;
Take the teachings of daddy's days for yourself, so that you will never grow too fast into becoming a pray;
Lies and deceits of men will crave your intellectual anatomical beauty, thus rise high and never let yourself stray;
Be careful in the heat with cold feet and keep your head steady;
My imagery is somewhat like G-d's chemistry; blasphemy through me you will know proudly;
With the strenght of your covenant with the lord you will lay and stay;
His angles will guide and protect you as you humble yourself with prayer;
Clothed by his cloak you will be through all your stormy weathers, which will enable you to be forever so clever;
Near him you will be protected as you continue to grow;
Through my experiences most of your wonders will flow;
Earthly love is built on deceptions, but through daddy's acknowledgement you will see it all through your naked eyes; therefore you will recognize the falsehood of men and the pretenses of his plan;
Continue to love G-d and allow him to create foot prints ahead of your own;
For as you walk you will cover his with yours as you become strong and grown;
In my demise darling don't cry, always bear in mind that I live through you;
It is you and I against the world boo;
Though you may not understand me now; in due time I will break it down;
Just remember that you will always be daddy's little girl with a crown;


For: (I)mani (A)bigail (M)itchell
Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010