05 March 2010


Living in the heart of the ghetto people struggle to find their identity;
Minds twisted with all sorts of sorrows, sympathy, empathy, and poverty;
their longevity still strong enough to uphold with humanity through immunity;
Staying truthful to the life that they live;
they voice their opinions through instrumental grids;
While others look to see the coming of a new born messiah;
new people are born in to the linage of the struggle;
Mothers upholding their responsibilities to maintain and support their future;
While fathers situate themselves on the metaphorical Vatican Mountain to fight the battle of Armageddon through their nine to five;
Babylonian affairs gradually crumble like the Great Wall of China;
Structures turning into dust and ashes through scorching flames of fire;
Politicians of every nation seeks the key of knowledge to unlock the mystical events that were predicted by Michel De Nostradamus;
Canvassing many areas like scavengers they are faced with acquisitions like Nicodemus;
Lonely spirits flood the cities;
Blood showering down like bulks of rain drops;
As gun shots reek-a-shay off buildings from building tops;
Salvation is yearning by the people;
The black star lines ventures to return to the front line of the ocean shores;
Waiting for repatriation back to the home land of the cradle of hue-men;
their glories are as sweet and tasty, as meat is to carnivores;
Africans of all descents join together like the million men march of nineteen-ninety-five;
Like lions roaring for satisfaction,
the Diaspora screams out for joy and ecstacy as they revive;
Lost souls of the gehtto stands firm with their guns ready to blaze;
Unification of the righteous civilization repent upon the scornful retrospective days;
Like the Buffalo Soldiers of modern times;
The universe shines bright with the colors of red gold and green;
Like wolfs in sheep's clothing false prophets are revealed by their true nature;
Equal Rights triumph over the relentless chauvinistic monarchies;
Hue-man- entities (Humanity) continue to await the day when they should reign as kings and queens

written by: Ricky Mitchell
copyright 2005