05 December 2009


My African Queen
Just like the sun lights up the Earth, you ignite my life with all its worth;
You are the only one I have ever seen with a smile so bright;
Just the other day you came around and eradicated the night;
you have changed my ways with your awesome astonishing beauty;
Sometimes i believe you can even see right through me;
Hypnotized by your spell i see no ordinary thing;
A supernatural being, you are brighter than the moon, brighter than the stars;
You can even be seeing from afar;

i adore you just the way you are;
My African Queen
Molded by the liquefied elements of the river Nile you were perfected;
From the soil of Egypt you erected;
Carved from the bone-fide structure of hue-man;
God has created you to be the back bone of my template;
with skin of ceramic delicacy;
I am forced to fix my eyes upon your artistic accuracy;
the temple minus the veil, you have always triumphed and prevailed;
As i march for freedom you stood by me and shed your tears;
you comforted my fear and soothed my pain;
You prayed for me when i felt all has failed;
Never will i segregate myself from your universal care;
My African Queen
The lady of my dream, you have taken me where i have never been;
you make my heart beat the sounds of Zionistic rhythms;
Out of a million, you stand as one, the out standing one;
When I look into your eyes; all i see is paradise;
My faith and my soul you will always magnetize;
Each and every day I thank the lord for your presence;
For you are the light of my tomorrow;
And the joyful wonders of my essence;
With all the constant sacrifices of time;
You have showed me the true meaning of life;
Blessed be unto you; the gory of my lifeline
My African Queen
Written by Ricky Mitchell


As days goes by.... thoughts of you ruptures through my mind;
Volcanic eruptions of a single word, "Forgiveness", splashes alphabetically... so desperately trying to find;
A course in time that links you and I back together again; holding each other and feeling the warmth of our love;
As I reminisce about those laughter's and memorable chapters of our lives;
Hugs and kisses electrifying our bodies; bringing us into a trans-dermal state that only defines romance;
I am engulfed with all types of emotions; my body stretches out for your compassion and devotion;

Thinking of the times we spent together makes me smile; cherishing the moments we had, tears of unforgettable times sheens my eyes;
Now I am left with only thoughts of missing and needing you;
No one ever said that love is easy, and then again our internal hearts were never built to appear smooth, unblemished, and sexy;
mistakes we learn from; experience we grow from; and the extent of time heals all wounds;
I know that you will never forget the wrongs that I have done; but I asked that you give me another chance to make things right;

I never meant to take you for granted;
The periods we spent together were so real and enchanted;
To lose them... I would have to put up a fight;
And even then I would endure with all my might;
I wish I could have represented you better;
As a friend, a lover, a companion, a benefactor, and et cetera;
I want to give you my all;
For consolidation your arms I need in order to keep away the loneliness;
when i think back on the times I have looked into your eyes;
I begin to realize how much I need you in my life;
Never have I felt this way about loving; never have I felt so good and assuring;
Each day that I spend without you takes my breath and starts a burning in my chest;
I feel so weak, discombobulated, and incompetent when I think of you;
Life wouldn't mean a thing just emptiness if I have to live without you;
Although action speaks louder than words; I ask that you accept these expressions and forgive me for goodness;
until I am able to reach you physically remember that I love you more than words,
And in due time through your acceptance I will animate these words with every inkling of my mind soul and body
Written by Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2009


The present black child;
lost in the moment that adds to tomorrow;
Focuses on the ghetto delight that is circumstantial;
Shackled down by the superiority complex that defines you as a minnow;
Still you endeavor to withstand the longevity of time;
Succumbing to the fixation of musical icons;
fascinated by the pseudo-intellectualism that represents self;
You glorify the street life while seeking love and redemption;
Believing that through guns blasting, sexual promiscuities, and high price fashion;

Your fabricated beauty will set you free;
The ghetto warfare puts you in a state that is so unclear;
Brave hearts in despair, gang banging, drive by shootings are the day to day reality that flares;
Permeating through the hoods;
Crips, Bloods, and Latin-Kings where created to over ride oppression and destruction;
But the congregations has been viewed as the parasite of your nation;
Seek your eternal dreams; the ones that keeps you in tune to what is real;
Never lose hope of the goal that shines and gleams;
Your elders of past times have set you free;
Remember their means;
They will emancipate you from contorted ideological themes;
Ancient times lost in line;
Ghetto child stand firm on the truth that will keep you in pursuit;
Arrest the hands that tics and tocs;
For every motion that it makes will signify your faith;
And notice that the sky no longer has its limits;
It has been revealed through men's the technological gimmicks
Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2007