23 January 2011


Its funny how, nowadays, people always seem to break up;
Falling in and out of love… with very little intentions to make up;
I give you these words to let you know that I will never let you go;
For if I make a mistake or two… Just assure yourself that it is only a hiccup;
You are my buttercups and my divine Lillie… and I will never go willy nilly;
Being with you will always be like the Earth in need of the Sun and Moon;
A life line that will forever keep me in tune; I wish to have you as my bride and I the groom;


Being by your side, giving you the best of support, will never weaken by strength;
Because you will always replenish my plasma with the best of your care;
Even though I know that sometimes you will drive me crazy; I will humble myself and chauffeur you like Ms. Daisy;


You have been the only one that has been down with me through all my bewildered times; I remembered when I could not sleep, and you was just an ether line away to console my defeat;

Your words alone helped me to be at ease, and without a doubt in mind… I felt complete;

I therefore slept like a baby and dreamt of when we shall meet;


My friends say that I am wasting my time with you,
But I say they only say this because they cannot find a love that is so true,
There is nowhere else I would rather be but within your arms,

While at work I would text you pleasurable messages that will brighten your day and bring you charms;
For this reason I will let the whole world know how I feel;
And in time… all those disbelieving thoughts will heal;


You’re the only one for me; the only sex that I will ever need;
No one else will make me feel… the way you make me feel;
Through my actions I will show you that this is the real deal;
However, forgive me if my sexual tensions are too intense;
Just let me know and I will slowly and gently caress your extremities with perfect tense;
I sometimes do not recognize my own strength; it is the energy in motion that will every now and then be in need of repentance;
Nonetheless, I ask that you bear in mind that your God given sensual…, breath taking…, curvaceous…, and voluptuous composition will weaken by earthly flesh;
Causing me to fall short of my cosmo-genetic, intellectual, and God given right to stand firm on my square and hold fast to my synchromesh;

As you know the attributes that I speak of… men will cling on to you only for sexual gratification;
But you will never have to worry about such attacks because I will be your shield, your knight in arms, and your forever wholesome satisfaction;
For you are…


Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell



Copyright 2011