30 January 2010


As you progress through time
insearch of a companion that intermingles with my your line;
you have come to overstand this premise of mine;
A calm heart will always feel comfortable and content;
its attachment to the will of God will manifest the attributes that can never be bent;
it is true that if a persons heart is ill, it can never be attached to one that is good;
people have spent their life living in darkness wishing that they could re-channel this mood;
Unsure about the avenues that they should take
many have succumb to superficial needs and wants in hope for a break;
feeling this way they are left unsuccessful and emotionally empty;
day to day they search for ways to camouflage their pity;
By focusing on the materialistic gains;
keeping themselves busy via drugs, drinking alcohol, going to parties,
and engaging in promiscuous activities;
they feel as though this will cure or clothe their pain;
 forgetting the focal point of attention, their hearts are left neglected and strain;
I have been told that when my heart gives me hard times not to run away from it;
instead pray or intellectually reflect upon self for a bit;
this will allow the auricle of its will to rightfully fit;
 Understanding the importants of the heart will secure heavenly love;
failure to accept Gods will, will cripple the heart,
and not allow it to grow or attach to its counterpart;
for this instance one would endure continual spiritual pain,
 and be left with a broken heart;
The heart does not lie, and it will never feel strong unless it is healthy;
it will live on when your physical beauty is gone;
trust your heart and it will never bring you into a state of uncertainty;
nor will it fumble into the wrong hands and leave you torn
written by: Ricky Mitchell


Two couples joined together;
 from the bitter emptiness of affection;
striving to make ends meet; their solidarity are compromised by division;
one deeply seeking the remedy that will purify an emotional insanity;
the latter searching for comfort through social equality and intimacy;
Uprooted from the inquiry of a counseling session;
through periodic engagements their connection grew into what is know as convenience;
both individuals sharing similiar instances: family binding;
husband and wife confined in the status quo of marriage;
children from past and present affiliation;
 bonds tied in very little socializing
Still the relationship persisted; feeling neglected and unappreciated;
confusion permeated the circle that once appeared so permissible;
in the heart of loneliness one senses no remorse from the other;
weeks would pass with little involvement;
one would inconspicuously show signs of discomfort;
Converstaion over the phone
which was once craved now has become like distorted messages;
hoping for a change in rhythm;
one would project pseudo-expressions of feeling delighted;
confused about whether or not the latter will be the one and only;
one poses questions to those who, presumptuously, would give wisdom;
remarks would indicate lust and carnal gratifications;
crushed by the large amount of assurance;
one is left with the burning sensation of a

written by: Ricky Mitchell
copyright 2008

17 January 2010


Tears of aspiration floods the ghetto with all types of inspirations;
day in day out the cries of the ghetto is heard;
guns blasting; police sirens screaming;
still the ghetto prays to see the day when their pains of suffering can be curled;
Trying to find their way out of poverty;
their minds are cluttered with all types of anarchy;
leaning towards every possible outcome to make ends meet;
never will they allow the aura of defeat;
confined in slums; endeavoring to find ways out;
the ghtettos of all foreign and domesticated lands strives to feed their mouth;
Ghetto stands on every corner; waiting for the lost souls to quench their thirst;
in return they receive respect through commerce;
they would even place their neighbors under surveillance;
so that when their residence are unattended,
like a thief in the night, their occupancy would swiftly meet their acquaintance;
Lets not forget the bodacious ghettos, who would bombard strangers with no remorse;
exposing all shapes and size of steals overtly;
intentionally to vandalize, rob, and steal with marginal force;
survival of the fittest only the strongest survives;

This is the code of the ghetto in order to stay alive;
Many ghettos have crossed the path of no return;
for money, power, and respect they continued to strive;
already born in a life of hell, how will they burn?
Few ghettos have chosen to allow their tears to taint the surface of papers and walls;
while others vocalize their emotions to the masses;
through rap, reggae, soul, deejay, hip-hop, punk rock, and the list flows;
Not to mention the ghettos' lustful and envious prides;
they would walk or drive the streets with class;
even though their burdens ripples like the ocean's tides;
cars sitting on 20s or 22 inch rims; shining with high intensity;
speakers blasting music of redemptions, rage, frustration, grievance, and sexual gratifications;
I suppose this is how the ghetto advertises that they are still the majority;
Living it up the bourgeoise way, the ghettos seek to assimilate;
through education, implantation, dilution, and experimentations;
they have inconspicuously detached themselves from where they came from;
conficting confronations explodes like the disaster of nine eleven;
words of scandalous, humiliation, and shameful expressions,
lashes out like thunderbolts from heaven;
these are the ghetto tears that still pours like rain;

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
copyright 2007


Yearning for your attention;
I am caught up in a dilemma that I have yet to mention;
I wish i could spill my entire affection;
but the unhealed scars that I have makes the feeling taboo;
longing to hold you in my arms;
I am left with just the thought of loving you;
Yearning for your attention;
I am caught up in a dilemma that I have yet to mention;
when I see your presence,
I believe more and more that you are my soul mate;
that you are the one that set my heart free;
Yearning for your attention;
I am caught up in a dilemma that I have yet to mention;
how can I place a smile on your face;
and be the sun that shines in your grace;
Yearning for your attention;
I am caught up in a dilemma that I have yet to mention;
I will cross the ocean for you and bring you the moon;
Will you be my strength and keep me in tune;
Yearning for your attention;
I am caught up in a dilemma that I have yet to mention;
I try to hold back the feelings that I have for you;
but each time that I do, cupid tweaks my heart with an arrow;
Yearning for your attention;
I am caught up in a dilemma that I have yet to mention;
I wish I could spill my entire affection;
but the unhealed scars that I have makes the feeling taboo;
longing to hold you in my arms;
I am left with just the thought of loving you

written by: Ricky Mitchell
copyright 2008

06 January 2010


Please accept this letter of emotions;
for which I have compose to display my many appreciations;
As a baby in your arms you fed me from your gentle breast;
one after the other, because I was fill with so much hunger and emptiness;
slumbering away you hushed me in your arms to rest;
a young mother of the age of thirteen you bared the endurance of bringing and bearing me;
even when my father disagreed with my connection to him and his family;
Dear Mother I Remember;
As dreary storms set itself upon our presence; you hovered and sheltered me;
in spirit you thought of how I will one day set you free;
and make your parents understand my reason for being;
Dear Mother I Remember;
A freedom child I was classified;
Not knowing my purpose for living; I was given a responsibility that was far too baring;
but all was well.. as you continue to maintain my existence;
 and overstand that I was not just happen-stance;
Dear Mother I Remember;
when sleep visited my unclosed eyes;
you sang sweet precious melodies and watched me smile;
feeling restless in my spirit, you rocked me so that i would not cry;
and pray through imaginations that I shall sore through the heavens with wings to fly
Dear Mother I Remember;
As I ventured into a dreamful state you sat and watched my infant head;
when slumbering next to your cradle bed; my spirit looked as your sweet affection shed;
in hopes that your lovely action towards me should spread
Dear Mother I Remember;
When pain and sickness made me cry;
you gazed upon my heavenly eyes, and wept for fear that I should not die
but still I sensed that you kept your hope alive;
and fought to see the day that my physical can continue to drive;
Dear Mother I Remember;
When trouble fell upon me, you ran to my aid so that I would not fall;
and with vigorous commetment you showed your dedication with every incline tale'
these efforts of yours you exhibited to make situations well;
 and to show to your family that you will not stand aside as your child fail;
Dear Mother I Remember;
The times when you held my palms in effort to show me how to pray'
to appreciate God's holy words and day;
and physically manifest his actions through each attempt,  you taught my infant lips to lead the way
Dear Mother I Remember;
I ask my self, will I ever cease to be?
affectionate and kind to thee;
who has been more than passionate to me
I will not humble myself to decree nor will I stop and think twice or flee;
Dear Mother I Remember;
Of course that thought of loosing you I cannot bear;
If God grants me the will to spare;
I will reward you with all my care;
and if that does not work, I know that your time on Earth is much more than what I am worth;
for this reason I would rather allow you to continue to live;
thus you may continue to show others you're experience and your meaning to give;
Dear Mother I Remember;
As time begets your physical appearance and you become feeble, old, and gray in awareness;
My healthy arms shall be your pillow;
As I endeavor to soothe your pain away in grievance;
Dear Mother I Remember;
And when your body begins to lose control of its structure;
Then will be my turn to watch over each and every posture;
Even as tears of sweet affection sheathes my eyes;
you will forever be  my conjuncture;
Dear Mother I Remember;

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright  2009
Dedicated to Idalee Mitchell
Anastasia Fraser

02 January 2010


As a child grows; so shall s/he dies;
Things I Must Earn (T.I.M.E) is the cliche that defines this nursery rhyme;
look into a new born baby's eyes... and you will fine the end of time;
The pain of life is when a new born baby cries, as he leaves the womb of s/his comforter;
God's gift to life is the immortality of being rebirth;
How wonderful is the mind of a child;
so impressionable but yet so fragile;
As years passes, life's adversity reveals hurdles that are manifested as burdens;
if not conquered, a child's essence is compromised;
life's experience is said to be the best teacher;
but without proper exposure it withers;
As a child grows; so shall s/he dies;
familyhood brings forth prosperity; divison leads only to deficiency;
the unification of a community establishes a common ground that brings forth unity;
Emancipating a child from the core of s/his ignorance;
strenghtens the moral fibers of the purpose of his existence;
shackling down a child's aptitude diminishes his latitude;
opting to change is always embedded in the soul of a child;
whether good or bad or bad or good the concept remains unchange;
So lovable and adorable when young;
the thought alone is mentally framed but hardly expressed or reminded;
during the proliferation phase a child is pictured according to his senses:
synthesist, idealist, pragmatist, analyst, or a realist;
placed into a catagorical paradigm;
the less influential child is ostracized from society and labled special
As a child grows; so shall s/he dies
identified as obsolete a child cannot be complete;
some still in all rise above the odds;
the perseverance to live even when they are weak and unappreciated;
a child continues to seek life
As a child grows; so shall s/he dies

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2008


Through the centuries of time African- American have fought along side other nations;
hoping to uplift the blasphemous stigma that has been placed upon their existence;
still within the twenty-first century the legacy continues;
Buffalo Soldiers of the modern day venues your combative prowess, bravery, and your tenacious looks are not forgotten;

When viewed by many as being the minority; your actions are so fill with ambition and fearlessness that you are magnified as the majority;
Appreciated by your family friends and loved ones you are the monumental inspirations of those that have searched for hope and faith when all seemed to have failed;

Knowing that you have made a difference, they pray to see the day that you will be glorified and recognized as being the backbone of the nations whom you have helped to free;

Freedom, justice, and equality awaits you; one of your comrades have been appointed to be your commandering chief; out of forty-four he is known to be unique;
An African- American like yourself he carries the burden of a multi-colored population;
the red, white, and blue signifies his throne; not to mention the fifty stars, and the bold eagle that hovers from afar;

During a time of war he shouts a, "time for change", and, "yes we can"
his political views are corresponding statements of former great minds;
some has called him the memoirist; many has referred to him as the messiah; but you know him as your reflection;

Rising above all odds you stand right for the cause;
even when opposition stared you deep within the windows of your soul;
you always placed the mission first;
you never quit, and you never left a falling soldier;
your history began with time, and so it will continue;
from the dust to dawn you will live on;
never will you accept defeat; when one falls another is born;

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2009