29 March 2010


Blessed to the queens of the African/ Edenic Diaspora;
With the eclecticism of your mind from the servitude of time;
You have revolutionize the worlds many infrastructures;
Time has elasticized your queen-dome into becoming a source of profit;
Corporates has commercialized your physical beauty and projected your sexuality to the masses;
Conforming you to the Tell-Iie-Vision that falsify your essential merit;
Still in all with Gods will you have already proven to them that they are a bunch of crosses;
Clinging to your heritage and culture is what makes you and your king compatible as a unit;
Even though the diversification of your circumference leads you to vulnerability;
You are a compassionate being who expounds upon the true meaning of the word humanity;
You are to mankind the source of their delight and the hight of their might;
In rage you will stand firm and put up a fight;
In love you will show the magnitude of your affection and the core of your devotion;
Sacrificing yourself with every convulsion;
You are the LIONZ OF ZION.

written by: Ricky Mitchell
photo by: Ethiopia Het-Heru
copyright 2010

21 March 2010


As I look through the windows of your soul; I see you in return looking through mine;
The oval of your eyes commenced to open as our connection began to unfold;
Feeling the  neurochemicals of your emotional colours;
The beauty of love reveals its self so bold;
I touched your mind; you massaged my intellectual lines;
So vividly fine... I cannot leave you behind;
As you caress my intellect and wreck my kingdom with crescent waves of cerebral orgasms and brain spasms from your queendom;
A new course of love has emerged;
At the center lies a fascinating hormone called... you and I,
I want you spiritually and mentally; forget the physicality which needs to mantain its rightful place as being secondary;
No need to rush for the bed; undress my mind and come inside my core instead;
Surf with me through the deepest soulistic water of my intellect;
Hold me close to your neurological fibers and allow our passion to spread;
 The mind is the most powerful, hypnotic, intoxicating, and narcotic force in the universe;
So when we converse let us exercise our mind and expand the challenges of each unique verse;
Can you feel the essential most natural aphrodisiac of all times?
So creative we are with our artistic feelings that no other being can accept its foundational element; 
through you I see the lost of love for women kind;
so dark, so unsure, and so confused;
like animals they move indiscriminately from one mate to another in search of love;
failing to realize that they have lost the true path;
they have abandon the neocortex of their language, which is the mainstream of their be-loved brain stem;
The foreplay of the mind and that intellectual and sexual gradification that follows,
leads you and I into a social stratusphere that is so clear and divine;
I see you; you see me; I see your family; you see my dynasty; so shall it be our destiny;
I wish not to unlock our connection,
But I know that having too much of you will only weaken and spoil the beauty of our affection;
 Thus I will let you free and pray that we do not allow our lower anatomy to capture our mental and spiritual faculties;

written by Ricky Mitchell
coyright 2010

12 March 2010


Glory was the days when you were hustling away;
Crack, cocaine, Marihuana, you name it; you had it made;
The street corners were your precious domain;
Needy people flourished around your presence craving for the essence that would ease their pain;
Dressed in suit and ties, like the aristocrats of modern times;
Education was still planted in mind;
Camouflaged like a chameleon, no one knew your real intentions;
To live the life of glamour, you sacrificed all that you could remember;
Up and down the iron horses you would travel;
Bus runs were your routine pedal; seven days a week you would struggle;
Wanting those presidents that have already been covered with pebbles;
Six feet under they humbled;
Rest assure the day came where you stumbled;
Confined between four walls and a couple of bars; you withered in storm;
Feeling lost and gone, you prayed and mourned;
As you continued through the days, years swiftly and rigorously clothed your fears;
Bearing time on the cross of injustice now became the crusade that you faced;
What a disgrace, family and friends gradually became displaced;
No more grace stood in place;
Now confronted with thoughts of change;
The transitional phase uprooted in flames;
Gallons of sweat flooded your pores as you submerged in rage;
The battle began between the four devils:
Lust, envy, hate, and jealousy of all that stood in you;
Three hundred and sixty degrees you screamed like a banshee;
Past actions of running the streets became your nightmares;
Can you go back, should you proceed, or should you let it be and flee?
Such misery clamped onto you to keep you company;
Still in all the day came where the trumpet would sound;
You thus psyched out all that surrounded you;
Only to listen out for that sweet melody;
Free at last, the meteorological climate gradually dissipated;
Feeling refined you journeyed on with your life;
Thinking about all the goals and aspirations that you had created;
The tools that would build your foundation continued to be mended;
New associates, new friends, new and old families, and a job that allowed you to be contented;
This is the glory that is now the milestone of your past;
What won't breake you will only make you stronger;
As you get older these thoughts of yours you will always remember;
Three hundred and sixty degrees brings forth a new chapter

written by Ricky Mitchell
copyright 2006

05 March 2010


Living in the heart of the ghetto people struggle to find their identity;
Minds twisted with all sorts of sorrows, sympathy, empathy, and poverty;
their longevity still strong enough to uphold with humanity through immunity;
Staying truthful to the life that they live;
they voice their opinions through instrumental grids;
While others look to see the coming of a new born messiah;
new people are born in to the linage of the struggle;
Mothers upholding their responsibilities to maintain and support their future;
While fathers situate themselves on the metaphorical Vatican Mountain to fight the battle of Armageddon through their nine to five;
Babylonian affairs gradually crumble like the Great Wall of China;
Structures turning into dust and ashes through scorching flames of fire;
Politicians of every nation seeks the key of knowledge to unlock the mystical events that were predicted by Michel De Nostradamus;
Canvassing many areas like scavengers they are faced with acquisitions like Nicodemus;
Lonely spirits flood the cities;
Blood showering down like bulks of rain drops;
As gun shots reek-a-shay off buildings from building tops;
Salvation is yearning by the people;
The black star lines ventures to return to the front line of the ocean shores;
Waiting for repatriation back to the home land of the cradle of hue-men;
their glories are as sweet and tasty, as meat is to carnivores;
Africans of all descents join together like the million men march of nineteen-ninety-five;
Like lions roaring for satisfaction,
the Diaspora screams out for joy and ecstacy as they revive;
Lost souls of the gehtto stands firm with their guns ready to blaze;
Unification of the righteous civilization repent upon the scornful retrospective days;
Like the Buffalo Soldiers of modern times;
The universe shines bright with the colors of red gold and green;
Like wolfs in sheep's clothing false prophets are revealed by their true nature;
Equal Rights triumph over the relentless chauvinistic monarchies;
Hue-man- entities (Humanity) continue to await the day when they should reign as kings and queens

written by: Ricky Mitchell
copyright 2005