31 December 2009


How sweet you are to thee; as fresh as honey from a beehive to me;
and as pretty as a new born baby's smile, I see;

So jealous am I of your clothes cause they touch you more than I;
my affection for you is as radiant as the twinkle in your eyes;

When I am in your mist, your presence is as lovely as the summer bliss;
you are worth more than the wealth of materialism;
your wisdom is as precious as a men's freedom;
for the breath of your existence I shall not miss;

You are the counterpart that I have been searching for;
say yes, and commit to me;
for my true love will reflect on thee;

I wish to wait no more... to do so would engulf me with mourn;
tell me how much you care for me;
and proclaim to me that you will be there in time of need;

Let us add the venture to adventure, and surf the world that is meant for us;
the earth is like an oyster and you are the pearl;
so imperishable and desirable;
you are the force that makes my life twirl;

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2008


You were constructed from only a fragment of men's composition;
for this reason you are forever compatible to his constellation;
a replica of your mate, you are a representation of his simplest trait;
however you are still in all so great;

From the genesis of time you have been blessed with divinity;
a liken unto the source from which you came from;
you are the true mother nature of humanity;

Given the ability to assemble a nation with much continuity;
whether it be through intellectual, spiritual, or domestic,
men have held you in high esteem for centuries;

You have been referred to as the wise-dome of men;
the vessel that comforts his understanding;
and the manisfestation of his wisdom;
blessed be the virtuosity of your queen-dome

The one that amplifies the life line of men's twinkling eyes;
you will forever be assimilated within his social-equilateral spectrums
Blessed be the existence of your presence and the glorifiction of your essence

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2006

20 December 2009


Children of the future how cumbersome are your existence;

Erected in a strange world of diversity;
You were viewed by many as being a bundle of visual innocence;
Since your time progressed, your action is looked at as a reflection of your environment;
Struck with burdens that is far beyond your youthful comprehension;
You have become the object of bewilderment;
Birthed out of the horrors of neglect, physical and sexual abuse, Aids, Crack, and rampant, random community violence;
You endeavor to integrate yourself in such a way that matches your infrastructure;

Not knowing that the world that you reside believes in a higher level of lenience;
Law makers have bestowed on you a false realization of your democracy;
imposing a fragmented, chaotic and debilitating facet that breeds un-perfected hopes and hypocrisy;
lacking the intelligence of adequate emotional, educational, and economical preservation;
Guardians are sucked into a games of Russian-Roulette in order to save your virtue;
Parental controls are thus infringed by the dominance of family's in need of supervision;
placed into a system that is euphemized as the modern- day orphanage you are secluded from your loved ones;
You are now left to make self-thoughtful decisions that impact the morality of your mental and spiritual compositions;
Now surrounded by peers who have similar if not appalling instances;
Society has branded you as being irredeemable ungovernable and habitually disobedient;
Discombobulated reactions gradually impregnates your performance;
Adding on to the inquisitive and impromptu decision-making that was habitual;
You are now viewed by many as being criminals

Written by Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2007

05 December 2009


My African Queen
Just like the sun lights up the Earth, you ignite my life with all its worth;
You are the only one I have ever seen with a smile so bright;
Just the other day you came around and eradicated the night;
you have changed my ways with your awesome astonishing beauty;
Sometimes i believe you can even see right through me;
Hypnotized by your spell i see no ordinary thing;
A supernatural being, you are brighter than the moon, brighter than the stars;
You can even be seeing from afar;

i adore you just the way you are;
My African Queen
Molded by the liquefied elements of the river Nile you were perfected;
From the soil of Egypt you erected;
Carved from the bone-fide structure of hue-man;
God has created you to be the back bone of my template;
with skin of ceramic delicacy;
I am forced to fix my eyes upon your artistic accuracy;
the temple minus the veil, you have always triumphed and prevailed;
As i march for freedom you stood by me and shed your tears;
you comforted my fear and soothed my pain;
You prayed for me when i felt all has failed;
Never will i segregate myself from your universal care;
My African Queen
The lady of my dream, you have taken me where i have never been;
you make my heart beat the sounds of Zionistic rhythms;
Out of a million, you stand as one, the out standing one;
When I look into your eyes; all i see is paradise;
My faith and my soul you will always magnetize;
Each and every day I thank the lord for your presence;
For you are the light of my tomorrow;
And the joyful wonders of my essence;
With all the constant sacrifices of time;
You have showed me the true meaning of life;
Blessed be unto you; the gory of my lifeline
My African Queen
Written by Ricky Mitchell


As days goes by.... thoughts of you ruptures through my mind;
Volcanic eruptions of a single word, "Forgiveness", splashes alphabetically... so desperately trying to find;
A course in time that links you and I back together again; holding each other and feeling the warmth of our love;
As I reminisce about those laughter's and memorable chapters of our lives;
Hugs and kisses electrifying our bodies; bringing us into a trans-dermal state that only defines romance;
I am engulfed with all types of emotions; my body stretches out for your compassion and devotion;

Thinking of the times we spent together makes me smile; cherishing the moments we had, tears of unforgettable times sheens my eyes;
Now I am left with only thoughts of missing and needing you;
No one ever said that love is easy, and then again our internal hearts were never built to appear smooth, unblemished, and sexy;
mistakes we learn from; experience we grow from; and the extent of time heals all wounds;
I know that you will never forget the wrongs that I have done; but I asked that you give me another chance to make things right;

I never meant to take you for granted;
The periods we spent together were so real and enchanted;
To lose them... I would have to put up a fight;
And even then I would endure with all my might;
I wish I could have represented you better;
As a friend, a lover, a companion, a benefactor, and et cetera;
I want to give you my all;
For consolidation your arms I need in order to keep away the loneliness;
when i think back on the times I have looked into your eyes;
I begin to realize how much I need you in my life;
Never have I felt this way about loving; never have I felt so good and assuring;
Each day that I spend without you takes my breath and starts a burning in my chest;
I feel so weak, discombobulated, and incompetent when I think of you;
Life wouldn't mean a thing just emptiness if I have to live without you;
Although action speaks louder than words; I ask that you accept these expressions and forgive me for goodness;
until I am able to reach you physically remember that I love you more than words,
And in due time through your acceptance I will animate these words with every inkling of my mind soul and body
Written by Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2009


The present black child;
lost in the moment that adds to tomorrow;
Focuses on the ghetto delight that is circumstantial;
Shackled down by the superiority complex that defines you as a minnow;
Still you endeavor to withstand the longevity of time;
Succumbing to the fixation of musical icons;
fascinated by the pseudo-intellectualism that represents self;
You glorify the street life while seeking love and redemption;
Believing that through guns blasting, sexual promiscuities, and high price fashion;

Your fabricated beauty will set you free;
The ghetto warfare puts you in a state that is so unclear;
Brave hearts in despair, gang banging, drive by shootings are the day to day reality that flares;
Permeating through the hoods;
Crips, Bloods, and Latin-Kings where created to over ride oppression and destruction;
But the congregations has been viewed as the parasite of your nation;
Seek your eternal dreams; the ones that keeps you in tune to what is real;
Never lose hope of the goal that shines and gleams;
Your elders of past times have set you free;
Remember their means;
They will emancipate you from contorted ideological themes;
Ancient times lost in line;
Ghetto child stand firm on the truth that will keep you in pursuit;
Arrest the hands that tics and tocs;
For every motion that it makes will signify your faith;
And notice that the sky no longer has its limits;
It has been revealed through men's the technological gimmicks
Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2007