31 December 2009


How sweet you are to thee; as fresh as honey from a beehive to me;
and as pretty as a new born baby's smile, I see;

So jealous am I of your clothes cause they touch you more than I;
my affection for you is as radiant as the twinkle in your eyes;

When I am in your mist, your presence is as lovely as the summer bliss;
you are worth more than the wealth of materialism;
your wisdom is as precious as a men's freedom;
for the breath of your existence I shall not miss;

You are the counterpart that I have been searching for;
say yes, and commit to me;
for my true love will reflect on thee;

I wish to wait no more... to do so would engulf me with mourn;
tell me how much you care for me;
and proclaim to me that you will be there in time of need;

Let us add the venture to adventure, and surf the world that is meant for us;
the earth is like an oyster and you are the pearl;
so imperishable and desirable;
you are the force that makes my life twirl;

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2008


You were constructed from only a fragment of men's composition;
for this reason you are forever compatible to his constellation;
a replica of your mate, you are a representation of his simplest trait;
however you are still in all so great;

From the genesis of time you have been blessed with divinity;
a liken unto the source from which you came from;
you are the true mother nature of humanity;

Given the ability to assemble a nation with much continuity;
whether it be through intellectual, spiritual, or domestic,
men have held you in high esteem for centuries;

You have been referred to as the wise-dome of men;
the vessel that comforts his understanding;
and the manisfestation of his wisdom;
blessed be the virtuosity of your queen-dome

The one that amplifies the life line of men's twinkling eyes;
you will forever be assimilated within his social-equilateral spectrums
Blessed be the existence of your presence and the glorifiction of your essence

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2006