27 February 2010


Bless your heart with fruitful thoughts;
As life's adversities tries to tear you apart;
Eternal life is God's gift that enables us to rest;
For we all know that he knows best;
Day by day brings a new tomorrow;
and along with time comes great sorrow;
But to revitalize one's mind and stand firm in God's line
Is the attachment that is divine;
Heighten your spirit and allow your angelic wings to fly;
For with each and every sorrowful moments that passes you by;
Bear in mind that even in dreadful times God is standing by; never to say good bye

written by: Ricky Mitchell
copyright 2006

07 February 2010


Who's to say that life is not compact with mysteries?
Who's to say that experiences are not the progeny of adversities?
Who's to say that the wise man of the East did not circumnavigate
the sphere in which he calls his residence?
Who's to say that the trick-knowledgical commercials that are being advertised by the upper class are not displaying the lord of the world existing in an adobe?
Who's to say that the erstwhile ecclesiastics of the Euro-centric views of the Amerikkklan were not stolen from the antediluvian African Cathedrals?
Who's to say that the bench mark of Democracy: Popular Sovereignty, Political Equality, and Political Liberty were not apprehended from the old African Constitutional System?
Who's to say that you are African- Amerikkklans and not Native Nubians/
Is it because you were rescued from savagery?
only to brought nine thousand miles across the Atlantic sea;
Onto a land plagued with decency
Who's to say?
You tell me

written by: Ricky Mitchell