20 December 2009


Children of the future how cumbersome are your existence;

Erected in a strange world of diversity;
You were viewed by many as being a bundle of visual innocence;
Since your time progressed, your action is looked at as a reflection of your environment;
Struck with burdens that is far beyond your youthful comprehension;
You have become the object of bewilderment;
Birthed out of the horrors of neglect, physical and sexual abuse, Aids, Crack, and rampant, random community violence;
You endeavor to integrate yourself in such a way that matches your infrastructure;

Not knowing that the world that you reside believes in a higher level of lenience;
Law makers have bestowed on you a false realization of your democracy;
imposing a fragmented, chaotic and debilitating facet that breeds un-perfected hopes and hypocrisy;
lacking the intelligence of adequate emotional, educational, and economical preservation;
Guardians are sucked into a games of Russian-Roulette in order to save your virtue;
Parental controls are thus infringed by the dominance of family's in need of supervision;
placed into a system that is euphemized as the modern- day orphanage you are secluded from your loved ones;
You are now left to make self-thoughtful decisions that impact the morality of your mental and spiritual compositions;
Now surrounded by peers who have similar if not appalling instances;
Society has branded you as being irredeemable ungovernable and habitually disobedient;
Discombobulated reactions gradually impregnates your performance;
Adding on to the inquisitive and impromptu decision-making that was habitual;
You are now viewed by many as being criminals

Written by Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2007

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