05 December 2009


As days goes by.... thoughts of you ruptures through my mind;
Volcanic eruptions of a single word, "Forgiveness", splashes alphabetically... so desperately trying to find;
A course in time that links you and I back together again; holding each other and feeling the warmth of our love;
As I reminisce about those laughter's and memorable chapters of our lives;
Hugs and kisses electrifying our bodies; bringing us into a trans-dermal state that only defines romance;
I am engulfed with all types of emotions; my body stretches out for your compassion and devotion;

Thinking of the times we spent together makes me smile; cherishing the moments we had, tears of unforgettable times sheens my eyes;
Now I am left with only thoughts of missing and needing you;
No one ever said that love is easy, and then again our internal hearts were never built to appear smooth, unblemished, and sexy;
mistakes we learn from; experience we grow from; and the extent of time heals all wounds;
I know that you will never forget the wrongs that I have done; but I asked that you give me another chance to make things right;

I never meant to take you for granted;
The periods we spent together were so real and enchanted;
To lose them... I would have to put up a fight;
And even then I would endure with all my might;
I wish I could have represented you better;
As a friend, a lover, a companion, a benefactor, and et cetera;
I want to give you my all;
For consolidation your arms I need in order to keep away the loneliness;
when i think back on the times I have looked into your eyes;
I begin to realize how much I need you in my life;
Never have I felt this way about loving; never have I felt so good and assuring;
Each day that I spend without you takes my breath and starts a burning in my chest;
I feel so weak, discombobulated, and incompetent when I think of you;
Life wouldn't mean a thing just emptiness if I have to live without you;
Although action speaks louder than words; I ask that you accept these expressions and forgive me for goodness;
until I am able to reach you physically remember that I love you more than words,
And in due time through your acceptance I will animate these words with every inkling of my mind soul and body
Written by Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2009


  1. Such warm and comforting thoughts.


  2. Thank you Shakira. It is always God's will to forgive for goodness. Therefore, given that we are representations of his glory, we should also continue with his compassionate, warmful, and comforting EMs (Electrifying Motions); don't you think?