21 March 2010


As I look through the windows of your soul; I see you in return looking through mine;
The oval of your eyes commenced to open as our connection began to unfold;
Feeling the  neurochemicals of your emotional colours;
The beauty of love reveals its self so bold;
I touched your mind; you massaged my intellectual lines;
So vividly fine... I cannot leave you behind;
As you caress my intellect and wreck my kingdom with crescent waves of cerebral orgasms and brain spasms from your queendom;
A new course of love has emerged;
At the center lies a fascinating hormone called... you and I,
I want you spiritually and mentally; forget the physicality which needs to mantain its rightful place as being secondary;
No need to rush for the bed; undress my mind and come inside my core instead;
Surf with me through the deepest soulistic water of my intellect;
Hold me close to your neurological fibers and allow our passion to spread;
 The mind is the most powerful, hypnotic, intoxicating, and narcotic force in the universe;
So when we converse let us exercise our mind and expand the challenges of each unique verse;
Can you feel the essential most natural aphrodisiac of all times?
So creative we are with our artistic feelings that no other being can accept its foundational element; 
through you I see the lost of love for women kind;
so dark, so unsure, and so confused;
like animals they move indiscriminately from one mate to another in search of love;
failing to realize that they have lost the true path;
they have abandon the neocortex of their language, which is the mainstream of their be-loved brain stem;
The foreplay of the mind and that intellectual and sexual gradification that follows,
leads you and I into a social stratusphere that is so clear and divine;
I see you; you see me; I see your family; you see my dynasty; so shall it be our destiny;
I wish not to unlock our connection,
But I know that having too much of you will only weaken and spoil the beauty of our affection;
 Thus I will let you free and pray that we do not allow our lower anatomy to capture our mental and spiritual faculties;

written by Ricky Mitchell
coyright 2010

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