29 March 2010


Blessed to the queens of the African/ Edenic Diaspora;
With the eclecticism of your mind from the servitude of time;
You have revolutionize the worlds many infrastructures;
Time has elasticized your queen-dome into becoming a source of profit;
Corporates has commercialized your physical beauty and projected your sexuality to the masses;
Conforming you to the Tell-Iie-Vision that falsify your essential merit;
Still in all with Gods will you have already proven to them that they are a bunch of crosses;
Clinging to your heritage and culture is what makes you and your king compatible as a unit;
Even though the diversification of your circumference leads you to vulnerability;
You are a compassionate being who expounds upon the true meaning of the word humanity;
You are to mankind the source of their delight and the hight of their might;
In rage you will stand firm and put up a fight;
In love you will show the magnitude of your affection and the core of your devotion;
Sacrificing yourself with every convulsion;
You are the LIONZ OF ZION.

written by: Ricky Mitchell
photo by: Ethiopia Het-Heru
copyright 2010

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