09 April 2010


A single word blossom into a unified thought;
The main body that governs our physiology and put into motion our cosmotology;
Everyday that flickers by we are blessed with these sounds;
Vibrations of electrified units that transcends through our anatomy;
And seeps through each and every molecular entity;
So affected we are by these instrumental morphemic connections;
But yet so discombobulated at times because of the tempo of there intentions;
Visualize with me as we take a trip with words of affection;
The death of a person brings forth compliments and colourful roses that were never mentioned or given during existence;
Leaving the spirit to only feel the compassion of our heartful sentiments;
But not being able to exhibit the warmthful affection in return;
Thus our energies are left with mixed emotions of clarity;
"Sticks and stones can brake my bones, but words will never hurt me"
A phrase that conjures a breath of dejection from multiple verbal attacks and blasphemy;
Barricades that are meant to protect the torn down feelings of the sufferer;
Or a facade to conceal the twisted emotions that runs deep through our vains;
We utter these words not understanding how much of an impact they will have to the latter;
Pain and unwanting agony spoils our pride and loving dignity;
Now we are left without a bridge to cross back on;
And a soul that yearns for companionship but feels so empty;
The consolidation of the heart so ripped apart;
Such language has become judgemental as we begin to see ourselves as failures and disfigured temples;
Take this scenario for example;
A pilot leaves his beloved for a journey that he had to embark;
As days and weeks turns into months he prays for his love not to be lost;
Through correspondence he engaged in small playful romantic conversation with his confidant;
One day he received a message that he thought was from his entrusted;
Continuing with his pranks he later found out that it was actually his beloved;
Lost for words he fumbled words of forgiveness; however with out remorse his beloved was livid;
Displeased and disappointed she obliterated the relationship;
As the months proceeded he earnestly tried to reconcile their differences;
Through love his beloved returned; however with an antagonized heart that still burns;
While trying to rekindle the flames; the pilot had to leave again;
On another journey he begins to feel lonely;
Trying to connect with his mate through correspondence failed without reason, unknownly;
Hurt by the ambiguity, and to even the odds he decided to send her a message vigorously;
 the message stated that he wished her dead;
As years passed, sorrowfully he realized his wrongful deed,
He attempted to connect one last time;
The connection went well;
However his beloved words of affection was staled because he wished her dead;
We may lash out at others for the pain that we experienced in the past;
This will cause friction when positive vibes are vital in mass;
It is hard to be shield from subconscious pains that can be jolted like voltage;
We must always remember that words leave scars and open wounds;
They can also bring forth happy tears and joyful tunes;
Tools for building up or weapons for tearing down;
The affection of words;
Tell me..... how does this sound?

written by: Ricky Mitchell
photo by: James 119
copyright 2010

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