25 June 2010


Can you recall when the earth was your couch and the heavens your canopy;
beneath your feet rivers ran steep into streams of crystal like hormany;
From a picturesque height a beautiful landscape circumvents your anatomy;
The world of the sole creator expressed his covenant to those who he considered greater;
Higher than we, you were recon to be their elevator;
A single atom to them, you were endowed with emotions;
An overstanding of the inner and outer portion of the highest and lowest devotion;
The power of will and choosing became the attribute of your composition;
The ability to have mastery over your fortune and nature;
A liken to your own architect, we were the greater power of our initial intellect;
Having the privilege to be a vicegerent, we were blessed with the acts of pure fulfillment;
The Lord and owner of our own face, we became the reflection of grace;
Not understanding the reason for our existence, we were classified by our holistic pairs as being misfits;
filled with preconceived mischief;
Miseducated about the meaning of our being, they accepted our birth with every inkling faith;
with the trust of their hearts, all that they knew were good;
Thus they acceded and bowed down their angelic wings to fate.

written by Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010

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