29 June 2010


As you wonder about life coming from the ghettos;
You see junkies and rock-head dwellers;
Survival of the fittest every day is a trail;
Youngsters growing up so innocent and fragile;
After submitting to the oath and the constitution with a crowd;
You would think you were a part of the unified nation feeling so proud;
But sometimes you are confronted with racism and the heirarchial chain of classism;
Blacklisted and placated with sarcasms and cynicalism, your feels became foreign;
The darker you are the bigger the problems;
Placed into the revelation of the biblical scriptures as soldiers reaching for the stars;
You noticed Asia, Africa, Europe, France, Japan, Pakistan, America, and Afghanistan;
All fill with vengeance, hatred, and resentment for their fellow men;
Protestants, Jews, Blacks, Arabs call the truce! World Peace... Stop the killing;
Machine guns, bombs, and tanks we are becoming endangered species;
Harmful to ourselves we are the products of our own absences shattered in pieces;
Since the beginning of time we have been in arms fighting;
losing lives while the Pentagon keeps rising;
We must remember that we are God's children;
The earth was never made to be ruled by one race;
To all colors and creeds that's who it belongs;
We crave lands, mansions, glitters, and golds;
Diamonds in Africa and oil under our control;
The world's natural resources and all its residuals;
But comes then the foes... We have to guard them with missiles;
Now we have become the most wanted;
Who will come and save us form our self-destructive vesssels?

Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010

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