02 January 2010


As a child grows; so shall s/he dies;
Things I Must Earn (T.I.M.E) is the cliche that defines this nursery rhyme;
look into a new born baby's eyes... and you will fine the end of time;
The pain of life is when a new born baby cries, as he leaves the womb of s/his comforter;
God's gift to life is the immortality of being rebirth;
How wonderful is the mind of a child;
so impressionable but yet so fragile;
As years passes, life's adversity reveals hurdles that are manifested as burdens;
if not conquered, a child's essence is compromised;
life's experience is said to be the best teacher;
but without proper exposure it withers;
As a child grows; so shall s/he dies;
familyhood brings forth prosperity; divison leads only to deficiency;
the unification of a community establishes a common ground that brings forth unity;
Emancipating a child from the core of s/his ignorance;
strenghtens the moral fibers of the purpose of his existence;
shackling down a child's aptitude diminishes his latitude;
opting to change is always embedded in the soul of a child;
whether good or bad or bad or good the concept remains unchange;
So lovable and adorable when young;
the thought alone is mentally framed but hardly expressed or reminded;
during the proliferation phase a child is pictured according to his senses:
synthesist, idealist, pragmatist, analyst, or a realist;
placed into a catagorical paradigm;
the less influential child is ostracized from society and labled special
As a child grows; so shall s/he dies
identified as obsolete a child cannot be complete;
some still in all rise above the odds;
the perseverance to live even when they are weak and unappreciated;
a child continues to seek life
As a child grows; so shall s/he dies

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2008

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