02 January 2010


Through the centuries of time African- American have fought along side other nations;
hoping to uplift the blasphemous stigma that has been placed upon their existence;
still within the twenty-first century the legacy continues;
Buffalo Soldiers of the modern day venues your combative prowess, bravery, and your tenacious looks are not forgotten;

When viewed by many as being the minority; your actions are so fill with ambition and fearlessness that you are magnified as the majority;
Appreciated by your family friends and loved ones you are the monumental inspirations of those that have searched for hope and faith when all seemed to have failed;

Knowing that you have made a difference, they pray to see the day that you will be glorified and recognized as being the backbone of the nations whom you have helped to free;

Freedom, justice, and equality awaits you; one of your comrades have been appointed to be your commandering chief; out of forty-four he is known to be unique;
An African- American like yourself he carries the burden of a multi-colored population;
the red, white, and blue signifies his throne; not to mention the fifty stars, and the bold eagle that hovers from afar;

During a time of war he shouts a, "time for change", and, "yes we can"
his political views are corresponding statements of former great minds;
some has called him the memoirist; many has referred to him as the messiah; but you know him as your reflection;

Rising above all odds you stand right for the cause;
even when opposition stared you deep within the windows of your soul;
you always placed the mission first;
you never quit, and you never left a falling soldier;
your history began with time, and so it will continue;
from the dust to dawn you will live on;
never will you accept defeat; when one falls another is born;

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright 2009


  1. How do you keep a people down? ‘Never' let them 'know' their history.

    Keep telling that history; read some great military history.

    The 7th Cavalry got their butts in a sling again after the Little Big Horn Massacre, fourteen years later, the day after the Wounded Knee Massacre. If it wasn't for the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers, there would of been a second massacre of the 7th Cavalry. Read the book, “Rescue at Pine Ridge”, and visit website/great military history, http://www.rescueatpineridge.com

  2. Thank you for reading "Buffalo Soldier of the Twenty First Century", More will follow. I will check out the book that you mentioned. Its alway good to feed the intellect with more ammunition. Bless

    Ricky Mitchell