06 January 2010


Please accept this letter of emotions;
for which I have compose to display my many appreciations;
As a baby in your arms you fed me from your gentle breast;
one after the other, because I was fill with so much hunger and emptiness;
slumbering away you hushed me in your arms to rest;
a young mother of the age of thirteen you bared the endurance of bringing and bearing me;
even when my father disagreed with my connection to him and his family;
Dear Mother I Remember;
As dreary storms set itself upon our presence; you hovered and sheltered me;
in spirit you thought of how I will one day set you free;
and make your parents understand my reason for being;
Dear Mother I Remember;
A freedom child I was classified;
Not knowing my purpose for living; I was given a responsibility that was far too baring;
but all was well.. as you continue to maintain my existence;
 and overstand that I was not just happen-stance;
Dear Mother I Remember;
when sleep visited my unclosed eyes;
you sang sweet precious melodies and watched me smile;
feeling restless in my spirit, you rocked me so that i would not cry;
and pray through imaginations that I shall sore through the heavens with wings to fly
Dear Mother I Remember;
As I ventured into a dreamful state you sat and watched my infant head;
when slumbering next to your cradle bed; my spirit looked as your sweet affection shed;
in hopes that your lovely action towards me should spread
Dear Mother I Remember;
When pain and sickness made me cry;
you gazed upon my heavenly eyes, and wept for fear that I should not die
but still I sensed that you kept your hope alive;
and fought to see the day that my physical can continue to drive;
Dear Mother I Remember;
When trouble fell upon me, you ran to my aid so that I would not fall;
and with vigorous commetment you showed your dedication with every incline tale'
these efforts of yours you exhibited to make situations well;
 and to show to your family that you will not stand aside as your child fail;
Dear Mother I Remember;
The times when you held my palms in effort to show me how to pray'
to appreciate God's holy words and day;
and physically manifest his actions through each attempt,  you taught my infant lips to lead the way
Dear Mother I Remember;
I ask my self, will I ever cease to be?
affectionate and kind to thee;
who has been more than passionate to me
I will not humble myself to decree nor will I stop and think twice or flee;
Dear Mother I Remember;
Of course that thought of loosing you I cannot bear;
If God grants me the will to spare;
I will reward you with all my care;
and if that does not work, I know that your time on Earth is much more than what I am worth;
for this reason I would rather allow you to continue to live;
thus you may continue to show others you're experience and your meaning to give;
Dear Mother I Remember;
As time begets your physical appearance and you become feeble, old, and gray in awareness;
My healthy arms shall be your pillow;
As I endeavor to soothe your pain away in grievance;
Dear Mother I Remember;
And when your body begins to lose control of its structure;
Then will be my turn to watch over each and every posture;
Even as tears of sweet affection sheathes my eyes;
you will forever be  my conjuncture;
Dear Mother I Remember;

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
Copyright  2009
Dedicated to Idalee Mitchell
Anastasia Fraser

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