17 January 2010


Tears of aspiration floods the ghetto with all types of inspirations;
day in day out the cries of the ghetto is heard;
guns blasting; police sirens screaming;
still the ghetto prays to see the day when their pains of suffering can be curled;
Trying to find their way out of poverty;
their minds are cluttered with all types of anarchy;
leaning towards every possible outcome to make ends meet;
never will they allow the aura of defeat;
confined in slums; endeavoring to find ways out;
the ghtettos of all foreign and domesticated lands strives to feed their mouth;
Ghetto stands on every corner; waiting for the lost souls to quench their thirst;
in return they receive respect through commerce;
they would even place their neighbors under surveillance;
so that when their residence are unattended,
like a thief in the night, their occupancy would swiftly meet their acquaintance;
Lets not forget the bodacious ghettos, who would bombard strangers with no remorse;
exposing all shapes and size of steals overtly;
intentionally to vandalize, rob, and steal with marginal force;
survival of the fittest only the strongest survives;

This is the code of the ghetto in order to stay alive;
Many ghettos have crossed the path of no return;
for money, power, and respect they continued to strive;
already born in a life of hell, how will they burn?
Few ghettos have chosen to allow their tears to taint the surface of papers and walls;
while others vocalize their emotions to the masses;
through rap, reggae, soul, deejay, hip-hop, punk rock, and the list flows;
Not to mention the ghettos' lustful and envious prides;
they would walk or drive the streets with class;
even though their burdens ripples like the ocean's tides;
cars sitting on 20s or 22 inch rims; shining with high intensity;
speakers blasting music of redemptions, rage, frustration, grievance, and sexual gratifications;
I suppose this is how the ghetto advertises that they are still the majority;
Living it up the bourgeoise way, the ghettos seek to assimilate;
through education, implantation, dilution, and experimentations;
they have inconspicuously detached themselves from where they came from;
conficting confronations explodes like the disaster of nine eleven;
words of scandalous, humiliation, and shameful expressions,
lashes out like thunderbolts from heaven;
these are the ghetto tears that still pours like rain;

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
copyright 2007

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