30 January 2010


Two couples joined together;
 from the bitter emptiness of affection;
striving to make ends meet; their solidarity are compromised by division;
one deeply seeking the remedy that will purify an emotional insanity;
the latter searching for comfort through social equality and intimacy;
Uprooted from the inquiry of a counseling session;
through periodic engagements their connection grew into what is know as convenience;
both individuals sharing similiar instances: family binding;
husband and wife confined in the status quo of marriage;
children from past and present affiliation;
 bonds tied in very little socializing
Still the relationship persisted; feeling neglected and unappreciated;
confusion permeated the circle that once appeared so permissible;
in the heart of loneliness one senses no remorse from the other;
weeks would pass with little involvement;
one would inconspicuously show signs of discomfort;
Converstaion over the phone
which was once craved now has become like distorted messages;
hoping for a change in rhythm;
one would project pseudo-expressions of feeling delighted;
confused about whether or not the latter will be the one and only;
one poses questions to those who, presumptuously, would give wisdom;
remarks would indicate lust and carnal gratifications;
crushed by the large amount of assurance;
one is left with the burning sensation of a

written by: Ricky Mitchell
copyright 2008

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