09 October 2010


A woman so qualified to bring me joy;
I see you as the jewel of my Nile;
An African Queen... you are so incline to bring my child;
Knowing this I am sure that your fruit will never spoil;
When I wake up early in the morning and look in the mirror;
I see your reflection so bright and pure;
You make me feel like an invincible pharaoh... this I am sure;
It is funny how something so simple can make a person change;
When I am around you it is such a wonderful feeling, a feeling that is hard to rearrange;
You are the wind beneath my wings; you make the angels sing;
Sweet hymns of romantic and holistic rhythms of simplicity;
Touching my heart with motions of harmony;
Mesmerized by your loyalty and agility,
Sometimes I would stop to stare at you and pinch myself to see if life is true;
There was a time when I could not find a perfect love and a peace of mind;
I never thought that love would make me feel this way;
But with your passion each and every time I pray,
To carry me on my way or help me through my day;
You are the comfort to my soul, and the fraction of my whole;
With you I am complete; with you I have no regrets;
never will I forget how easy love begets
Easy to love/ hard to forget

Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010

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