15 October 2010


Sprung from an introduction;
As he converse to you through seduction;
He sees you blushing, knowing you wanted something;
Come and get a taste of the Jamaican most wanted love potion;
Rum and Champagne plus erotic touching and fucking;
No intention of busing until you learn your lesson... straight loving;
 you begin to get so wet as you think of him; sex lubrication taunts your interest;
Every time you need it, you send him a text;
Filled with lots of jewels you are his nest;
As you both proceed to begin to undress;
Between your legs he feels how you are so blessed;
Circular motion with your tongue, sweet felatio; mixed with French kisses..Oooo, just say yes;
As he thinks about you, feeling your breast;
Curvaceous caress; your body starts to sweat;
Playing in your hair; massaging your flesh;
The room illuminates with candle lights; bed covered with a mesh;
Sensational aroma; intertwined bodies submerged in pulsated precipitated water;
He calls you mama; you call him papa;
Sexual pleasure... tonight he wishes for you to be his baby mother;
Yearning for you to be his property and him your owner;
Sparked by your tunnel of love; he becomes your lover.

Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010

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