17 October 2010


For you I will hold on to the moon just to see your face in its bloom;
You and I will be forever; for better or worse we will soar the heavens together;
A fool I would be to find true love and let it go; it is you and I for which you already know;
Having shown that you love me unconditionally; through whatever you will stay by my side compassionately and devotedly;
You are the one I trust with all my secrets and all my inner beings;
No other will be able to take your place as being my loving queen;
Sacrifice my love; my life; for you to love, I will hold on tight;
No matter what comes my way, I will do whatever it takes to make things right;
Before you I was empty and hollow like a withering cave;
Falling into a state of distress which made me sad, I lost my brave;
But when you came along you lift me off the ground and took away my frown;
You rescued me from all the pain I felt before I met you;
Dried my eyes and made me smile again you helped me get through;
Now I feel like I am flying above the clouds;
So high as we rise with nothing to hold us down we glide above the crowds;
Baby you make me weak as you control my chemistry;
So weak in my knees that I feel as though I am hovering so vividly;
Every hour and day I love how you take my breath away;
So hypnotized by your touch when you hold me, your arms are like angelic wings clothing me as I pray;
So extraordinary and more than special when we are together I feel so complete;
My heart races for you as I am caught up in the love that is so neat;
So safe and secure I am, knowing that I am with you I feel so great;
Let us lay together forever in this loveseat, for you are my mate.


Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010

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