17 October 2010


You are the source of love that governs life;
With you I am continually energized with the force of the unique verse which keeps my strife;
Every day I thank the lord for your attachment to me and your persistent beauty;
A romantic and breath taking connection, with your excellence I am in synch with my serenity;
Sometimes I can feel your pain… even when you are a thousand miles away;
I remember those days when loneliness stared you in your face as we lay;
Tears running down your cheeks from emotions that seemed so unclear and murky;
Relaxing your mind I remind you of the joyful days that await our future family;
Knowing that I have so much to show you; Baby allow me to fulfill your fantasy;
My dream lady I often find laughter in your comical, cheerful, charismatic social spheres;
Even when we fight and disagree only to agree I still find splendor in your every gestures and tantrums which shows that you care and the love is still there;
Thus as I wipe those liquefied pearls from your silky facial skin and bless you with kisses from my sugary lips;
So warm and tender you are so ecstatic in your emotional bliss;
You are the one who keeps me calm through the storms that I often fail to miss;
I will always need you in my arms to hold; as you are by my side while lighten thunders and roles;
We will forever flow as dust and dawn unfolds; and the wind beneath our angelic wings soars;
With so much compassion I know that you prefer my presence than Hollywood;
For you are the more than just the center of a single thought that could;
You are poetry; my loving soul-mate that will always glitter like gold;
Nothing can take me away from you;
For you are the one that takes away my sorrows when I am blue;
Whenever I am with you I feel so brand new
I love you boo;
Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010

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