09 October 2010


Pearls of joy, you must learn that this world is yours to take;
Although it is filled with shady people, understand that your passion will not break;
Remember that the color of your skin will never make you less of a lady;
The lessons that you will be blessed with will assist you in becoming more than just a baby;
No need to grade yourself because I will teach you better;
Life is not all about glitter, diamonds, and leather;
However, in time you will be furnished with all the best of its glamour;
Nonetheless, materialism will never govern your sanctified cosmic structure, because you will be forever greater;
Hold up your head, swallow your pride, and never allow the earthly obstacles to haunt you as the devil strives to taunt your glide;
Over stand that you will not fail with G-d's grace you will prevail;
Take the teachings of daddy's days for yourself, so that you will never grow too fast into becoming a pray;
Lies and deceits of men will crave your intellectual anatomical beauty, thus rise high and never let yourself stray;
Be careful in the heat with cold feet and keep your head steady;
My imagery is somewhat like G-d's chemistry; blasphemy through me you will know proudly;
With the strenght of your covenant with the lord you will lay and stay;
His angles will guide and protect you as you humble yourself with prayer;
Clothed by his cloak you will be through all your stormy weathers, which will enable you to be forever so clever;
Near him you will be protected as you continue to grow;
Through my experiences most of your wonders will flow;
Earthly love is built on deceptions, but through daddy's acknowledgement you will see it all through your naked eyes; therefore you will recognize the falsehood of men and the pretenses of his plan;
Continue to love G-d and allow him to create foot prints ahead of your own;
For as you walk you will cover his with yours as you become strong and grown;
In my demise darling don't cry, always bear in mind that I live through you;
It is you and I against the world boo;
Though you may not understand me now; in due time I will break it down;
Just remember that you will always be daddy's little girl with a crown;


For: (I)mani (A)bigail (M)itchell
Written by: Ricky Omar Mitchell
Copyright 2010

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