21 October 2010


 Skin to skin connection body to body concentration; so sweet the penetration;
Exquisitely responsive to a variety of textures and temperatures;
Your body reacts to his dazzling erection;
You close your eyes and fantasize as he pours drizzle warm honey and cold wine on your body;
As he caresses you with satin rough brushes, smooth rubbers, and soft tingling feathers;
With each touch your body increases as your nerve-endings weakens; you allow him to enjoy all your senses which causes you to explode with excitement and exhilarating orgasmic blisses;
Exulted by his zealous performance you utter with passion.. how much you adore the smell of the aroma around his genital;
He in return expresses to you that the strawberry taste of the lips of your vagina are as satiating as the zestfulness of a margarita with a cup of tequila;
Sweet sixty-nine- using your saliva you begin to lubricate his phallus; sucking licking, and rhythmically pumping it with each stroke of your orifice;
Paying special attention to your clitoris he initiates long tongue strokes from your vagina to the marginal sector that divides your assets;
Gently he continues- nuzzling your lips and sometimes piercing your insides with his tongue;
Feeling dominant you climbed on top of him, pinning him down, you began to take control;
Every breath taking stroke, the feeling has you sprung;
Facing away with your back towards him, you began to regulate the depths of his thrust;
As the performance increases your position changes; with your hips lifted and your assets connected to the lower part of his thighs; he enters you;
Supporting your hips with his hands he penetrates you;
Every motion; every movement stimulates the core of your walls and touches the surface of your G-Spot....oooohhhhhhh...he began to hit the spot;
Swollen and tender your vagina drips with liquefied slippery and glossy cream;
Your body begins to shake as your legs tremble.. weakly with every thrust that he makes;
All tensions has now been released from your anatomy;
Feeling appreciated, loved, and satisfied
You began to kiss his nipples and caress his skin gently;
While cuddling he tells you this is only the beginning;
Now its time for the romancing.

Written By: Ricky Omar Mitchell


Copyright 2010

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