15 December 2010


As he closes his eyes and puckered his lips… he felt you;

Searching high and low from the heavens to below … he flew only to be with you;

Thinking of ways how to get through to you; he flipped his wings from side to side; if only you knew

From East, West, North, and South he traveled worldwide;

Corner to corner he learned the avenues of your tide;
Surfing the platform of your lips he glides, with every lubricated outcome he gently takes his time;

With passion flowing so freely he dreamt of your lips touching his so vividly;

The texture of your lips feeling so exquisite: Soft, tender, plumpish, and curvaceous;

Even the lining between them reminds him of the equator that splits the heavens and earth so gracious;

One or two tongue stroke unlocks the mystery in you that he yearns to hold on to;

As you open your mouth the energy from your orifice ignites his soul;

Making him weak in his knees he begins to fold;

Lost for words he could not even speak… butter kissed; sweet bliss;

He saw his entire life flash before his clothed eyes…you he never missed;

His life nerve ending spark colors of rainbows… filled with beauty all he could think of was you…Pleasurable mist;

Feeling the compassion of affection that presses so jointly in line;

Butterfly kisses; yours and his will forever intertwine;

As you practice the perfect pout and highlight your lips so as to show them out

With lip balm and glossy prestigious products they automatically put out a shout;

It is said that you come in various forms: to name a few he can only think of you in his eyes and arms:

Seductive lips, wild lips, cherry lips, burning lips, and the curving ones that seem forever so hip;

It starts with you….


Written By: Ricky Omar Mitchell



Copyright 2010

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