29 November 2009


As i look unto the heavens and hope for its splendor to unleash its self onto my crown/Godly presence. I think of you;
My Tropical Horizon;
Years have passed and still i sit and watch the seasons change: winter, spring, summer, and fall; but still the theme remains;
My Tropical Horizon

Extended from the Northern hemisphere to the vernal equinox; the change of the weather doesn't seem to interfere with the solistic attributes of your multicolored pigmentation; for this reason you are a combination of the four seasons;
Color so clear filled with glare, you are the heaven i swear;
upon horizon the tropical high zone,

all i can think of is you as time spare;
Complexion mistaken for caramel, but through my eyes you are far more then what the naked eyes can tell; tall and slender within a vertical structure; your hair so elongated and spiral with radiance in spell;when touched by my fingertips my soul ignites with bliss;
I am hypnotized by the aroma of your very smell;
How can i forget your luscious voluptuous lips; so solft and wide; stretching from each tender facial side; only to bring for the manifestation of pearls of joy,
Let me not negate to mention those glorious hips that mold the movers and shakers of civilization;
Pondering in every way as the ancient of times is projected throughout every generation;
like the coils in a tornado that keeps the propensity of its mobility; you are the back bone of time; the history of mankind; and the reality and existence of what is divine
My Tropical Horizon
As your circle is clouded with whirlwinds of emotions; remember that while some are lacking the endurance, you clothe yourself from the droplets of rain,

and are still able to direct the courses of chain;
The gift to produce, cast and shape enables you to bring forth what is great;
Sunny rays; rainbow skies; birds flying and singing sweet lullabies;
truly you are Gods blessing to those who come across you; but for those who tries to destroy you will only achieve the rapture of despair
The mother of this planet called earth;
so proud you are to be for all that's worth;
Happy I am to be because you are my tropical beam;
Thank you for all that you have done for me;
My love, peace, and prosperity has been redeemed
Written by: Ricky Mitchell

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