29 November 2009


A man born into a world filled with inequality;
raised into a family of nine who were driven by the same agility;
with one agenda which was to become wealthy, financially;
he was able to arrest his preconceived dreams;
but unconsciously he sacrificed his youthful means;

Faced with a physiological complex that was exposed to him by his own;
he amended his pain through various surgical instruments and additives;
through years of commercialized exposure, he transformed himself into what he was told
to be the greatest of all beings
still without contentment, he devised a place where he would regain what he never had:

a childhood; however through scandals and painkilling agony his desperation was shattered and obliterated;
the boy that would never grow old was now struck with adulthood and a home that became a thriller in disguise and a nightmare in time;

As moments progressed he became more and more depressed;
however through his vocalistic sensational talent;
he was able to set his mind free through each melody;
music became his ventilation; dancing was his invigorating expression;
lost in it all, his spirit was embodied with poetic electrifying earthmoving inspiration;

Touching the hearts and soul of billions all over the world; he was like the axel of many;
the hummingbird of plenty; and the salvation of all those who accepted him as their
with all his external glory he was still without his truthful joy;
a person who kept to himself, no one knew his happiness nor his pain;
feeling out of place but yet intertwined into a world that he knew not;
he physically altered his appearance in order to be one with a world he was forced into knowing;
At the age of fifty he is now a posthumous entity; known for his choreographical performance and his self mutilation;
what has become of his history; leaving behind three children and eight siblings he was the number seven; the leading singer, and the first to reach his death; why is it that the colour of his skin and the structure of his physique was so important then his performance and his contribution to this world;
As a man seek what he always wanted, a childhood;
but instead he is left knowing the confusion and pathology of what he hated the most,

Written by: Ricky Mitchell
In Remembrance of Michael Jackson

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